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Gluten-Friendly Vanilla Circular Cake

Gluten-Friendly Vanilla Circular Cake

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Our Gluten-Friendly Vanilla Circular Cakes are incredible- we formulated this recipe to taste exactly like our original vanilla cake!! You seriously can't even tell the difference!

GLUTEN INFORMATION: While our Gluten-Friendly Vanilla Circular Cakes do not intentionally contain any gluten, cross-contamination is always possible as we do handle wheat products in our bakery. This is why we use the term Gluten-Friendly! When you order a Gluten-Friendly item from Ollie's, please understand we will do our absolutely best to prepare, bake, and box your order separately from any wheat products! However, we do not guarantee 100% gluten-free products as we are not a dedicated gluten-free bakery.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Our Gluten-Friendly Vanilla Circular Cakes contain milk and egg. They do not intentionally contain any other major food allergens, but cross-contamination is possible in a bakery setting. We will make a dedicated effort to prepare, bake, and box your order separately when notified of an allergy!  

CAKE INFORMATION: Each cake comes with 2 layers of our deliciously moist gluten-friendly vanilla cake separated by our perfectly balanced made-from-scratch buttercream frosting! We then frost the outside of the cake with a base layer of our buttercream frosting to lock in the moisture and keep it nice and sturdy during transport! You get to choose the base color. Finally, we adorn the cake with a custom message on top, and decorate the edges with borders of frosting in a secondary color that you get to choose.

We also can decorate the cake in our stunning 'Vintage' style to make it super elaborate and elegant! I highly recommend our vintage style frosting if you appreciate the beauty and art in our frosting work!

SIZE INFORMATION: Our 6" cakes are 6" diameter and about 4" tall, meaning they can be cut into about 8-10 slices. Our 9" cakes are 9" diameter and about 4" tall, meaning they can be cut into about 20 slices.

REFRIGERATION INFORMATION: We refrigerate all cakes before delivery, and STRONGLY recommend keeping them refrigerated until about an hour before serving! Refrigeration insures the cake remains firm and moist! Because our frosting is safe at room-temp, you aren't required to refrigerate it over food safety concerns. But refrigerating will certainly help the cake stay fresh longer and prevent it from collapsing/melting! 

PHOTO DESCRIPTION: The cake pictured above is a 9" cake, vintage frosting, with a base color of Light Pink and a secondary color of Hot Pink! 

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