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Gluten-Friendly Apple Crisp

Gluten-Friendly Apple Crisp

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Our Gluten-Friendly Apple Crisp is apple-solutely delicious! This 9" pan of decadent cinnamon apple heaven features cinnamon sugar apples topped with a cinnamon butter & oat crumble. Imagine an apple pie but without the crust!

GLUTEN INFORMATION: While our Gluten-Friendly Apple Crisps do not intentionally contain any gluten, cross-contamination is always possible as we do handle wheat products in our bakery. This is why we use the term Gluten-Friendly! When you order a Gluten-Friendly item from Ollie's, please understand we will do our absolutely best to prepare, bake, and box your order separately from any wheat products! However, we do not guarantee 100% gluten-free products as we are not a dedicated gluten-free bakery.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Our Gluten-Friendly Apple Crisps contain milk, and may contain soy and tree nuts. It does not intentionally contain any other major allergen, but cross-contamination is possible in a bakery setting. We will make a dedicated effort to prepare, bake, and box your order separately when notified of an allergy!

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